The "It" Girl.
My name is Laura. I'm a twenty-year-old soon-to-be graduate of Cal Poly San Luis Obispo. I have a terrible habit of convincing myself that I need to own every pair of high heels that catches my eye. I also have a wonderful habit of drinking excessive amounts of sparkling water. If it's creative, I do it. If it's a happy song, I listen to it. If you're intelligent, I'll love you.

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“You're mad. Bonkers. Off your head...But I'll tell you a secret...All of the best people are.”

Stay the Night
- Zedd feat. Hayley Williams

Anonymous: What are your favorite dishes? Have you tried making your own sushi yet?

To make or eat? If we’re talking eating, I love just about all of the stereotypical food groups. I’d eat sushi all day every day, brie is a DREAM, and I can really never find enough pasta, bread, and other empty carbs to satiate me.

If we’re talking to make, my favorite foods to cook are “Superbowl foods.” My regular go-to dishes in this category are butterscotch s’mores cookies (my own recipe), cheese and seafood dips, and poppers involving copious amounts of bacon and cream cheese. But really anything that is finger food that men love to eat, I enjoy cooking.